We are recruiting!

The Algorithms Group is looking for self-motivated PhD students with interests in Algorithms for Big Data, in particular, streaming algorithms; sublinear algorithms, algorithms on distributed data, and related areas, with strong motivations from databases, data mining, bioinformatics and network applications. One with decent mathematical maturity and strong programming skills is preferred.

Here is a motivating problem: You are posted to a very long stream of numbers, one by one. Since your memory is limited, you can only memorize a few bits of information about the steam, then how can you extract useful information of the stream and “write” into your memory so that you can answer questions like what is the number of distinct numbers that you have seen at the end of the streaming process? Such solutions are very useful in today’s world which is immersed in a flood of data.

If you are interested in working with us as a PhD student in this frontier, you can contact us directly by sending your CV, undergraduate transcripts and a statement of purposes/interests to qzhangcs@indiana.edu or fergun@indiana.edu.