We are recruiting!

The Algorithms Group @ Indiana University Bloomington, School of Informatics and Computing is looking for self-motivated PhD students with interests in the following areas:

— Algorithms for Big Data, in particular, streaming algorithms, sublinear algorithms, algorithms on distributed data, with strong motivations from databases, data mining and network applications.

— Approximation algorithms and optimization techniques, with strong motivations from operations research and machine learning applications.

One with decent mathematical maturity is preferred. Strong programming skills will be a plus. Multiple positions are available. The start date is Fall 2015.

If you are interested in working with us as a PhD student in these frontiers, you can contact us directly by sending your CV, undergraduate transcripts and a statement of purposes/interests to (any) one of our faculty members:

fergun@indiana.edu (Funda Ergun) http://homes.sice.indiana.edu/fergun/
qzhangcs@indiana.edu (Qin Zhang) http://homes.sice.indiana.edu/qzhangcs/
yuanzhou@mit.edu (Yuan Zhou) http://math.mit.edu/~yuanzhou/

Please visit our group homepage http://algorithm.sice.indiana.edu/ for more information.

About IU Bloomington: It is the flagship institution of the Indiana University system and its largest university, and has been considered as one of the most beautiful campuses in America for several decades. Thanks to the Jacobs School of Music, we have music concerts almost every day during the year.

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